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Penstemon murrayanus

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Penstemon murrayanus Flowering 1641

Over the last couple of months you’ve seen two species in the genus Penstemon: P. buckleyi from west Texas and P. cobaea from a little northwest of Austin. Now joining them from Bastrop State Park is Penstemon murrayanus, called scarlet beardtongue, red penstemon, scarlet penstemon, cupleaf beardtongue, and cupleaf penstemon. The cupleaf in the last two of those names refers to the depression at the center of each of the pale gray-green leaves clasping the plant’s flower stalk. Note the drops of drizzle; this was the hardest they came down, and then fortunately they stopped.

Today’s photograph is yet another from an April 27th field trip led by botanist Bill Carr. Even though Penstemon is in a different botanical family from the sages, this plant reminds me of the cedar sage I showed you last month.

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June 26, 2014 at 6:02 AM

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