Portraits of Wildflowers

Perspectives on Nature Photography

Some highlights

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If you’re new to this blog and would like a quick overview, here are some highlights to get you started.

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Hover fly on frostweed flowers

A study in yellow and green

A colorfully ornate spider

Scarlet leatherflower

It isn’t easy being green

A jolt of red and yellow

Black willow leaf spiral

Sand dune duo:

You don’t need an ocean to have sand dunes

Sand blowing off a dune


Old plainsman, phlox, and other wildflowers

Neon skimmer on horsetail

Pink evening primrose

No frost, but frostweed did its icy trick

What would a Texas spring be if I didn’t show you a Texas thistle?


Prickly pear trilogy:

Mottled prickly pear cactus pad

Dark bee in prickly pear cactus flower


Texas red oak leaf

Clematis drummondii swirls

Living amber exacts its deadly toll

How numerous?

Detail of a bluebell flower

A pretty fly

A close look at mountain pink flowers and buds

Cliffs along Bull Creek

Basket-flower tetralogy:

The opening of a basket-flower

Basket-flowers and firewheels

Why is it called a basket-flower?

So much going on here

Gaura galore-a

Red admiral butterfly on plum blossoms

Acalypha too

A moth that keeps to the straight and narrow


Acres of sunflowers

Side oats grama bent by a spider

Sensitive briar

Written by Steve Schwartzman

May 23, 2012 at 2:20 PM

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