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Three years

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Today marks three years of publishing at least one post a day since June 6, 2011. I’d started priming the pump a couple of days earlier with one venerable photograph, then skipped a day and continued priming on June 6th with three more posts. The following day I added two posts with three pictures between them. I figured that if anyone happened upon the new blog, which almost no one did, there’d be a small group of photographs and texts that could give a feel for what Portraits of Wildflowers would be like.

Some of you have done 365 challenges and you know it’s a heady pace. Having done three times that now, I still expect to publish on most days, but if I relent and skip one every so often, I’m sure you’ll understand. Because so few people saw my first posts, I’ll let the three links above, which could symbolize three years, provide pictures for you today.

Thanks to all of you who’ve kept visiting; thanks also for your encouraging and engaging comments, 11,000+ of them and counting. Now it’s onward into the fourth year.

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June 6, 2014 at 5:27 AM

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