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A floral new year

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Mexican Hat Flower Head Caught on Another 1501

On my way home from a store on January 2nd I noticed that some fresh Mexican hats, Ratibida columnifera, had sprung up in the median of Morado Circle.* I came back a little later with my camera and, although the day was cool and overcast, took my first pictures for 2016. Leave it to yellow to bring cheer to a fellow, especially when there’s a double dose in the form of two flower heads caught on each other. Mutual captures like this aren’t uncommon and the wind usually resolves them, just as it often causes them in the first place.


* Morado Circle has roughly the shape of the letter C, so it’s not a circle or a loop, but I guess a road named Morado C would have baffled people.

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January 16, 2016 at 5:21 AM

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