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The time of year for the best of bushy bluestem

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Bushy Bluestem Turned Fluffy by Pond 1387

One of my favorite grasses is Andropogon glomeratus, known as bushy or brushy bluestem because of the fluffy seed heads it develops in the fall and winter. I’d seen some here and there in November and December of 2015 but didn’t finally photograph any until December 29th when I was walking by one of the ponds next to the Costco in Cedar Park. This grass normally grows in damp or even wet soil, so the edges of ponds and creeks are common places to find it. The little group of seed heads shown here struck me as having turned a redder brown than usual, and that was part of the attraction—as if we need an extra reason to be drawn to bushy bluestem.

If you’d like a much closer look at one of these seed heads, you can check out a post from 2012.

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January 14, 2016 at 5:25 AM

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