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More December wildflowers

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Ageratina havanensis 1241

Most of you who visit this blog live well north of the Equator, so the phrase December wildflowers likely strikes you as a contradiction. That’s not the case in Austin, where we always have at least some native wildflowers blooming near the end of the calendar year. In the previous post, for example, you saw a goldeneye flower head as it was opening on December 4, and now here’s one branch of an Ageratina havanensis bush that I found abundantly flowering in my neighborhood on December 18. In fact a few plants of this species in my part of town are still putting out flowers, thanks to the lack of a freeze so far this winter.

Common names for Ageratina havanensis include shrubby boneset, Havana snakeroot, and white mistflower. The white in that last name is an approximation because there’s usually a pale pink tinge in these flowers, and even a bit more in the buds.

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January 5, 2016 at 5:18 AM

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