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Pickerelweed flourishing

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On June 12th at Cypress Creek Park on Lake Travis I was pleased to see a good display of pickerelweed flowers (Pontederia cordata). Below is one of the cores from which I believe the flowers emerge.


This post went out at 4:13 AM Central Time to coincide with the summer solstice.
Temperature-wise, it’s been summer in Austin for quite a while already.



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The number of reported migrant encounters along the southern border has once again made Department of Homeland Security history — hitting a staggering 239,416 encounters in May.

You can read further details in a June 16th New York Post article

As huge as that number of interceptions is, hundreds of thousands of people who enter the country illegally each year don’t get apprehended at all because there aren’t anywhere near enough border patrol agents to keep up with the cartel-organized onslaught that our current régime has done nothing to fend off and a lot to foster. You can find out more in a June 17th Daily Mail article.


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