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Mount Diablo State Park

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Two years ago today we drove up, up, up to the top of California’s Mount Diablo. On the way we passed these picturesque boulders, which you’re free to imagine a Neolithic people had put in place:

We also passed a hillside covered with plants that reminded me of the sand sagebrush (Artemisia filifolia) I’d seen so much of in New Mexico and Arizona. I wonder if this was Artemisia californica:

In contrast to all that dryness, compare what I thought was a happily fruiting madrone tree, Arbutus menziesii, but which Tony Tomeo says is actually “a toyon, Heteromeles arbutifolia. It used to be known more commonly as California Holly, and is what Hollywoodland, which is now Hollywood, is named for. It is very susceptible to fireblight.”

And here was one of the scenic views looking out from Mount Diablo:

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November 2, 2018 at 4:33 AM

Two henges

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I didn’t see it then and there, which was June 2nd in Custer State Park in South Dakota’s Black Hills. Now, back in Austin almost two months later, this ring of trees near boulders strikes me as Pinehenge. And maybe I’m a bit unhinged, but when it comes to the more contrasty view below from Mt. Rushmore three days earlier that also included pine trees and boulders, I’m inclined to call it Shadowscragglehenge.

Now surely, I thought to myself, that’s a unique name. And guess what? Google the Omniscient agrees:

Your search – Shadowscragglehenge – did not match any documents.


Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

Try different keywords.

Try more general keywords.

Hooray for uniquity!

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July 30, 2017 at 5:02 AM

Another unconventional view of a national monument

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On the morning of May 30th, two days before bedeviling Devil’s Tower, we’d rushed to Mt. Rushmore, where along with more-conventional pictures I took this one looking up at a portion of the famous monument from a cleft between boulders.

But this is a nature photography blog, so here, likewise from Mt. Rushmore, is the different yet somehow similar white of a truncated trunk sculpted by nature rather than people.

Standing Tree Trunk Remains White and Broken 2538B

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July 13, 2017 at 5:00 AM

There’s more than Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park

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I expected to see Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park when we spent much of the day there on November 5. I wasn’t expecting so many conspicuous piles of boulders, which impressed me more than the Joshua trees did.


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December 29, 2016 at 5:04 AM

Fort Davis

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Fort Davis Fort Site Cliffs 9444

The town of Fort Davis in west Texas is named for the fort that the United States military maintained there from 1854 to 1891. People can still visit the remains and partial reconstruction of the fort, as we did for several hours on the morning of November 20th. The site is bounded along one edge by a long row of cliffs, a span of which you can see in the distance. Also shown here, as Eve first spied it, is a stony face wearing a turban, at least if your imagination accords with hers. You’ll be seeing several more zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images over the next couple of weeks, so get your imaginations in good working order.

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December 5, 2015 at 5:29 AM

New Zealand: Boulders at Castle Hill

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Castle Hill Boulders 4787

Heading west on SH 73 out of Christchurch on February 16th bound for the west coast of the South Island, we began after a while to wind and climb into the mountains that make up much of that island. At one point we came to a place where heaps of other drivers had pulled over, Castle Hill, and we joined them. The attraction there is a collection of naturally arrayed boulders, including a few that seem precarious, as you see in today’s photographs.

Castle Hill Boulder 4731

To learn more about and see other pictures of this scenic place, check out an online article about it.

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April 10, 2015 at 5:31 AM

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