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What wondrous Wednesday welkin* will we welcome?

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From last Wednesday above my northwest Austin neighborhood.



* Here’s the skinny on welkin. German readers will recognize the resemblance to Wolke.




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Two more cases of blatant governmental racial discrimination


The Providence, Rhode Island, Public School District has a loan forgiveness program for new and recently hired teachers, funded by the Rhode Island Foundation, the largest charity in the state. There’s a catch, however. Whites need not apply, it’s only open to non-whites.

So begins a February 9th Legal Insurrection article by William A. Jacobson that goes on to show a Providence Public School District teacher recruitment announcement with this line in it: “Selected candidates will be eligible for hiring incentives, including $25,000 in loan forgiveness for educators of color [emphasis mine]….”

At around the same time the Providence school district had separately advertised an “educators of color meetup” from which white teachers were barred.

It’s depressing to keep hearing about new government programs and activities that violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and similar state laws that forbid racial discrimination, but that’s what “equity” ideologues keep doing.

You can follow the two links to learn more details about those incidents of illegal racial discrimination.

The way you get more non-white teachers is to educate non-white students in elementary and secondary school. Instead, for the past fifty years the American education establishment has kept lowering school standards and turning out masses of “graduates” who can’t read or write well and who know precious little about geography, history, science, mathematics, or anything else that’s important. It’s a disgrace.


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