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Wildflowers near the cliffs

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On our New Mexico trip I was so taken with the cliffs, mountains, mesas, boulders, and landscapes that I rarely turned to my macro lens, which is the one I use more than all others back in Austin. That said, I did occasionally get down and do my typical thing.



Close to the spot where I’d pulled over along Interstate 40 in the vicinity of Laguna on October 14th to savor the cliff shown above I made portraits of several wildflowers. The first one is an aster of some sort but I can’t even be sure of the genus.



The second wildflower is a species of Gaillardia, perhaps the same Gaillardia pulchella that thrives in Austin. (The BONAP map shows it in western New Mexico.) The last wildflower I take to be a globe mallow but I can’t say which one, given that a bunch of Sphaeralcea species inhabit New Mexico.





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November 8, 2022 at 4:26 AM

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