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Two sharpshooters

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Call me a sharpshooter for getting this shot of a speckled sharpshooter, Paraulacizes irrorata. The insect’s legs let you imagine that it was running at a good clip along the rosinweed (Silphium radula) stalk it was on near Bull Creek on June 24th; in fact this leafhopper wasn’t hopping at all, and that lack of movement gave me time to take some decent pictures.


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On July 26th the satirical Babylon Bee came out with the
funny four-minute video “Obese Man Insists He’s Just Pregnant.”


Although the pronunciation o-bese leads English speakers to conceive the word’s components that way, actually they’re the Latin elements ob and es-. Ob was a preposition with many meanings, including ‘on account of.’ Es– meant ‘eaten.’ It was the past participle of edere, ‘to eat,’ (think of edible) that was the Latin cognate of native English eat. So a person becomes obese on account of having eaten [too much]—just as etymology fattens our body of knowledge.


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