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Time for rosinweed

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When I headed over to Bull Creek on June 24th I expected to find some tall rosinweed plants (Silphium radula) flowering. I did. It’s common for people to mistake these for sunflowers, which are out at the same time.



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Following up on yesterday’s commentary about education, here are similar thoughts from a June 22nd piece by Jeff Yass in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Money for Children’s Education, Not Schools,” with subtitle “It’s time to stop writing blank checks for a failing system.” The article begins:

As schools break for summer, it’s a good time to review the return America is getting on its investment in education. The Census Bureau reports inflation-adjusted spending in K-12 education has tripled since 1970 to a record $751.7 billion. Yet barely a third of all fourth-graders across U.S. urban communities can read or do math at grade level. The time has come to reimagine the way we pay for education. Let’s stop writing blank checks to failing school systems.

Consider a single mother of two. From kindergarten to high school graduation, the government will spend nearly $250,000 on each of her children. Yet she won’t have much of a say in how the dollars are spent. Without her consent, the bureaucrats who run the public schools will build facilities, hire teachers and plan curriculum that may leave her children far behind their peers, all at exorbitant prices.

The article goes on to propose that parents control how that large amount of money gets spent on their children’s education. Check it out.

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