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Goldenrod as a source of colorful fall foliage

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I think most people’s fondness for goldenrod (Solidago sp.) comes from its cheery yellow or yellow-orange flower heads. Less often noticed is that its drying leaves are sometimes a good source of fall color. I made both photographs at the Riata Trace Pond on November 9th. (By the way, as recently as last week I was still seeing a few goldenrod plants with flowers on them.)

Like the two ladies’ tresses pictures featured here three days ago, this pair of photographs contrasts a soft approach using morning light and a wide aperture with a starker approach using flash and a smaller aperture.

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Here are two good articles in support of free speech and a diversity of viewpoints.

Higher Ed’s Free Speech Death Spiral,” by Nathan Harden.

Monomania Is Illiberal and Stupefying,” by Jonathan Haidt.

The first paragraph in the second article includes links to 15 more articles! Happy reading.

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