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Exuiviae in the park

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Near the end of my picture-taking in Great Hills Park on July 23rd I spotted the cicada exuviae you see above. It reminds me that my father used to like the phrase “a face that only a mother could love.”

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And here’s a thought from Wendell Berry: “When else in history would you find ‘educated’ people who know more about sports than about the history of their country, or uneducated people who do not know the stories of their families and communities?” That’s from his 1989 essay “Feminism, the Body, and the Machine.” Wendell Berry is still alive; in fact today marks his 87th birthday. As far as I know, he still writes with a pencil rather than on a computer. He might be happy that computers at least allow people to go to sites like ancestry.com to learn “the stories of their families” that he was concerned about. That aside, “educated” people not knowing the history of their country has remained a big problem in the 32 years since Berry wrote his essay. In fact the problem has gotten worse. As evidence, take a 2016 study which “found that less than one third of U.S. News & World Report’s top 25 liberal arts colleges, top 25 national universities, and top 25 public institutions require U.S. history as a requirement for history majors.”

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