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Drummond’s sandwort

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Drummond’s sandwort, Minuartia drummondii, makes its debut here today, thanks to our finding broad stands of it in a field several miles north of La Grange on March 29th. This species thrives in sandy soil—hence the name sandwort—and doesn’t grow in Austin. You can click the first view to enlarge the panorama, while the second picture offers a closer look at the flowers.

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Yesterday I took the FAIR Pledge. If you’re of like mind, you can take it too. Here’s what it says:

Fairness. “I seek to treat everyone equally without regard to skin color or other immutable characteristics. I believe in applying the same rules to everyone, and reject disparagement of individuals based on the circumstances of their birth.”

Understanding. “I am open-minded. I seek to understand opinions or behavior that I do not necessarily agree with. I am tolerant and consider points of view that are in conflict with my prior convictions.”

Humanity. “I recognize that every person has a unique identity, that our shared humanity is precious, and that it is up to all of us to defend and protect the civic culture that unites us.”

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April 5, 2021 at 4:37 AM

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