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Damianita for only the second time here

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The one and only time here that I showed you the fragrantly-foliaged plant called damianita was in 2016. I’ve intermittently photographed Chrysactinia mexicana since then, so another post about this species is long overdue. In my county damianita grows naturally a bit to the west of Austin but people have been cultivating this aromatic native in town for some years now. That accounts for the specimens I photographed in the southwest quadrant of Gault Lane and Burnet Road on October 11th. The first portrait depicts a typically “long-fingered” bud opening in front of an already fully open one. The second photograph shows how the flower heads in this species typically occur in clusters.

If you’d like to see a whole bunch of them, you’re welcome to look back at the 2016 post.

And here’s an unrelated but striking fact for today: “[A]ncient skeletons show that human brains have shrunk by some 20 per cent in the last 20,000 years, a fact that has often puzzled biologists.” — Matt Ridley, How Innovation Works, 2020.

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November 10, 2020 at 3:46 AM

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