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The picture is the right way

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You might think I mistakenly rotated this picture 90° counterclockwise from its actual orientation. I didn’t. Zeltnera beyrichii is commonly called mountain pink, and although there are no real mountains in central Texas, the 19th-century Anglo settlers in this region called the hills mountains, which they might as well been, given the obstacles to movement they created in a land without many roads. More to the point, mountains are made of stone, and mountain pinks do often seem to emerge right out of solid rock. On July 6th I came across several of these plants growing horizontally out of the vertical face of a limestone ledge (the grey at the right) on Fireoak Dr. in my “mountainous” northwest part of Austin.

Over the years I’ve often I’ve used a small aperture and aimed more directly into a bunch of dense mountain pink flowers and buds to create a “more is more” sort of picture that plays up all the complexity of the inflorescence; this time I went for a softer approach by shooting from the side with a wider aperture.

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July 12, 2020 at 4:43 AM

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