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Philippine tarsier

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One of the smallest primates in the world is the Philippine tarsier (Carlito syrichta, formerly Tarsius syrichta). When we visited the island of Bohol on December 21, 2019, we stopped at a reserve to see some tarsiers. Unfortunately the sky was heavily overcast, even drizzly for some of the time we were there, and the tarsiers individually took shelter beneath leaves on trees. The result was that even after someone working there pointed a stick in the direction of a tarsier to show us where it was, we could barely make it out in the shadows. Taking a picture of something you can hardly see and that you’re not allowed to get close to or use a flash on isn’t easy, so I ended up making this portrait at ISO 3200 and cropping heavily in on the image afterwards. We do what we can with what comes our way. Fortunately this was one time when the camera saw better than my eyes did.

The American Heritage Dictionary gives this etymology for tarsier: “French, from tarse, tarsus (from its elongated ankles), from New Latin tarsus.” The New Latin was made from Greek tarsos, meaning ‘ankle.’

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