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New Zealand: Doubtless Bay

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A year ago today we followed State Highway 10 along the south shore of Doubtless Bay in New Zealand’s Northland. One spot where I stopped to take pictures was Coopers Beach.

The prominent trees on the promontory are pōhutukawas (Metrosideros excelsa). Facing in the opposite direction, I concentrated on the intricate roots of one at the non-sea edge of the beach:

If you’d like, you can see Austin’s answer to those pōhutukawa roots.

The image which comes next reveals a brook that cut and curved its way across the beach till Doubtless Bay became its place to cease to flow:

The best colors and textures I found along Doubtless Bay were a few minutes farther west in the area called Cable Bay:

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February 13, 2018 at 4:53 AM

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