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Paloverde after sunset

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Late in the afternoon on October 17th we checked into our hotel in southern Phoenix and then went out to see what we could in the brief time left before sundown. With a goal of this trip being to go where we hadn’t gone on previous visits to certain areas, I drove to South Mountain Park, a place I’d wanted to visit during our 2014 trip but hadn’t managed to get to. This turned out to be a popular park for evening hiking, even during the week. By the time we found a parking space and walked along a trail for a few minutes, little natural light was left for pictures, so I added flash to the mix. The resulting photograph isn’t how anyone present saw the scene, but I like the effect and hope you do too.

The tree, by the way, is a paloverde. I later learned that there are two similar local species, Parkinsonia microphylla and Parkinsonia florida; I’m not sure which one this was.

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November 20, 2016 at 4:53 AM

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