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Old plainsman buds

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Old Plainsman Buds 0569

Above are some buds of old plainsman, Hymenopappus scabiosaeus, that I found at the Doeskin Ranch in Burnet County on April 8.

As a reminder of what old plainsman looks like when a colony of it flowers, here’s a picture from April 28, 2013, on the west side of Interstate 35 in far north Austin. The yellow-orange flowers are greenthread, Thelesperma filifolium, and the purple ones prairie verbena, Glandualaria bipinnatifida.

Old Plainsman, Greenthread, Verbena 1519A

I visited that field a few weeks ago but found it much less spectacular this year. Not to worry: variations in floral intensity from year to year are normal. To worry: buildings have now covered parts of this field, and eventually all the land here is bound to get developed.

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April 27, 2016 at 5:03 AM

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