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Trails and tribulations

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Mud Dauber Tubes, Spiderwebs, Rocks 4010

I didn’t have any tribulations along the Shoal Creek Trail below 32nd St. on February 5th, but the two-letters-reversed version of “trials and tribulations” was too good to pass up as a title for a post. Actually the trail in this area runs beneath an overhang of rocks created by aeons of high-flowing water, and to this day heavy rains and floods can render the path dangerous.

In this mostly upward look at the overhang, two features that had gotten added to the colorful rock stand out. One is the extensive cobwebbing, the other the adjacent sets of tubes created by mud dauber wasps. Click the excerpts below for closer views of those features.

Cobwebs on Rocks 4010

Mud Dauber Tubes 4010

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April 16, 2016 at 5:06 AM

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