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When I was in the greenbelt north of Spicewood Springs Rd. on March 2nd, and while I still had a telephoto lens on my camera from photographing the upper reaches of sycamore trees, I experimented with a few abstract pictures of the creek. After I noticed a water strider, I took this photograph:

Creek Surface Abstraction 6941

Viewing the picture back home later and enlarging on my monitor, I realized there were two water striders, one atop the other:

Water Striders 6941

The next morning, zooming in even more closely on the same picture, I noticed that what I’d thought was the upper water strider had two pairs of antennae, so in total there were three insects. The top two were apparently mating, but what the one below was doing is anyone’s guess.

Water Striders 6941 Detail

UPDATE: Prompted by Dee Smith’s comment, here’s an even closer view of the same photograph, though this degree of enlargement begins pushing the limits of resolution:

Water Striders Detail 6941

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March 16, 2016 at 5:06 AM

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