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Newer isn’t always better.

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Walnut Creek in February 1881

On January 7th I went walking in Balcones Regional Park in north Austin and took a few photographs of Walnut Creek. The pictures turned out just so-so, so here From February 4, 2007—nine years ago today—is a view that I do like of that same part of the creek, primarily because of the superimposed layers in the lower half of the image. There’s the water, and what’s reflected in the water, and the way the shadow of the prominent rock cancels the reflection there. The result is that I feel I’m peering into an opening through a dense lattice of trees, yet I can’t shake the impression that things have been turned inside out, as if I were looking at a stereo pair in which the two halves had been accidentally reversed.

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February 4, 2016 at 4:59 AM

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