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I thought down was the new up but now I see it was more up than down.

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Snailseed Vine with Fruit on Bridge 4895

Longtime visitors know that I don’t usually include human elements in the photographs I show here—which is why these nature pictures are nature pictures—but on September 5th I was taken with the way this snailseed vine, Cocculus carolinus, had found a roothold on a side of the bridge along Discovery Blvd. adjacent to the Costco in Cedar Park. While I originally thought the whole vine was hanging from the top, a closer look at the full-size image had me crossing over to the discovery that most of the vine was still growing in its usual upward direction, even if a few parts were hanging.

For a much closer look at the leaves and fruits of this tenacious snailseed, click the icon below.

Snailseed Fruit and Leaves 4899

Today marks the first time here that you’ve been afforded a clear look at a snailseed vine. In 2012 an out-of-focus snailseed fruit provided a red glow behind a strange-looking larva.

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September 21, 2015 at 5:14 AM

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