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Bugs mating on common witchgrass

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Bugs Mating on Common Witchgrass 4422

Here I resorted to selective focus by concentrating on the slender strand of common witchgrass (Panicum capillare) that these bugs clung to with their feet as they continued mating. The light glinting off the bugs’ abdomens came from the sun, not from a flash.

Like the previous picture, this one is from June 2nd near Naruna Way in far northeast Austin. Last summer, from a site on the Blackland Prairie only about a mile away from this one, I offered up a different look at bugs mating on the same species of grass. I wonder whether witchgrass might turn out to be an aphrodisiac for people as well. If any of you are interested in carrying out experiments and reporting the results to us, go for it.

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Written by Steve Schwartzman

August 6, 2015 at 5:29 AM

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