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White avens

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White Avens Flower 6256

One consequence of letting my back yard go wild is that a few of the native plants in the area have reasserted themselves in what is after all their natural habitat. When I went out back on April 29th I found that a colony of white avens, Geum canadense, had sprung up and was happily flowering. This species is in the rose family but the flowers are much smaller, only about half an inch (13mm) across.

Although I’ve photographed white avens in Great Hill Park over the years, today marks the species’ debut in these pages. (That’s right: even after almost four years, there are still more native species to show here.) To see the many places in North America that are home to this wildflower, you can check out the USDA website.

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June 2, 2015 at 5:32 AM

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