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Aotearoa – New Zealand!

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As some of you are aware, Eve and I spent almost all of February in New Zealand, which is known natively by the euphonious and vowel-rich name Aotearoa, and which was the last major land mass colonized by human beings. In the weeks ahead I’ll show you some of my impressions of nature in that country—and impressions they necessarily are, subjective and opportunistic, based on the places I happened to visit and the times I happened to visit them. All these things are recent and relatively unstudied (by me, that is), so if I make mistakes in anything I say or identify, I ask knowledgeable readers to step in and set me straight.

Let me begin with something that impressed me and kept impressing me: the aquamarine color of New Zealand’s coastal water, which is as vivid as I’ve seen in any country. The photograph below, which typifies the color I saw so often and in so many places, is from February 19th. I took the picture from the upper deck of one of the three ferries (currently) that make up the Interislander, which crosses the Cook Strait between Picton in the northeast corner of the South Island and Wellington at the southwestern corner of the North Island. (We made the three-hour crossing from Picton to Wellington, taking our rental car on the ferry with us, accompanied by a slew of other cars, campers, vans, buses, and even some full-size tractor-trailer rigs).

Rocks Seen in Sea from Interislander 5454

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March 10, 2015 at 5:23 AM

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