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Buffalo bur seed capsules spent and drying out

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Buffalo Bur Seed Capsules Dried Out 6490

As of today I’m traveling for a while, so to entertain you in the days ahead I’ll be presenting pictures, as I began to do yesterday, from February in previous years. That’s not hard to do, because I take many more photographs than I can ever show here, even at a pace of one a day. It’s also fun for me to look back and occasionally rediscover pictures I’d forgotten.

From the same February 1, 2013, session as last time, here are some spent seed capsules of buffalo bur, Solanum rostratum, the kind of plant that botanists like to describe as “well defended.” If this clearly well defended but also desiccated specimen strikes you as drear rather than dear, see if you can guess (assuming you don’t already know) the color of the flowers that produced these seed capsules. To see whether your guess is correct, click on over to a picture of a buffalo bur when it’s flowering.

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February 2, 2015 at 5:12 AM

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