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Leaflets like flames

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Prairie Flameleaf Sumac Leaflets Turning Red 9367

Okay, call me the Lancelot of Rhus lanceolata: I’ll admit I sometimes can’t get enough of jousting (using a camera, of course) with prairie flameleaf sumac, and I’ve been regaling you with pictures of it for a few days. Here’s the closest view yet of the slender tree’s compound leaves, now turned red-orange as they prepare to fall off. Notice the “wings” that run along the leaf’s midrib and that become just as colorful as the leaflets flanking them. Today’s photograph is from November 25th on the same property behind Seton Center Parkway that brought you the last few flameleaf sumac pictures.

If you’d like another close but differently hued view of flameleaf sumac leaflets, you’re welcome to check out a picture from three years ago that’s one of my favorites of this species.

Today’s post is the fifth and last episode in a miniseries that has carried prairie flameleaf sumac from the beginning of August through the latter part of November. The colorful leaves of other species await you in the days ahead, so keep the cones in your eyes warmed up.

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December 1, 2014 at 5:53 AM

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