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Clematis drummondii Strands with Cumulus Cloud 1414

In the world of finance a CD is a certificate of deposit. For just about everyone a CD is a computer disc of music or images or data. In the physical sciences Cd represents the chemical element cadmium. For me, though, at least when it comes to native plants in Texas, Cd will always mean Clematis drummondii, a local vine that produces swirls of lustrous strands. I photographed this Cdd (Clematis drummondii display) atop a fence (which I chose not to include in my photographs) at Brushy Creek Lake Park in the town of Cedar Park on August 5th. The branches of the vine were questing upward for something to bind themselves to, but in this case they were bound to fail.

If you’d like a much closer look at the chaotic complexity of these bundles of fibers, you can check out a post from three years ago.

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September 1, 2014 at 6:00 AM

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