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A blast from the past

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Male Horace's Duskywing Butterfly on Mexican Buckeye 5527

Click for better clarity, if not larger size.

Here, from way back on March 25th at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, is what appears to my uninitiated eyes to be a faded male Horace’s duskywing butterfly, Erynnis horatius; the colors beyond it are definitely from the flowers of a Mexican buckeye tree, Ungnadia speciosa. Why show this picture now, five months later? Why not?


UPDATE: Based on two comments, it seems this may well be a funereal duskywing, Erynnis funeralis, rather than a Horace’s duskywing. So much for my uninitiated eyes.

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August 25, 2014 at 5:14 AM

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