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Feather 6722

Also on my July 9th visit to the southern part of Great Hills Park I found and photographed this feather. If anyone knows what kind of bird it’s from, please speak up. Although the photograph above might make it seem that pastel shades of brown and blue are the only colors in the feather, the enlargement that you can get to by clicking the thumbnail below shows that there are flecks of many other colors as well. I suspect those colors aren’t intrinsically there but are created by iridescence or other optical phenomena, as they are on butterflies’ wings, but I don’t know for sure.

Feather 6722 Detail


By the way, even if it looks like I used flash to take this picture, I didn’t.


UPDATE: I sent out a request to people in the know about birds to see if any of them could identify this feather. I got the following detailed (and initially humorous) reply from Chuck Sexton:

That’s a bit of a tough photo quiz.  I’m not used to looking at feathers this close up.  Please take the feather, walk 50 yards away, and I’ll stare at it through binocs!  😉

The shape of the feather suggests it is a body contour feather like a breast or belly feather.  The narrow brown or reddish barring suggests one of two species, both of which nest in Great Hills park:  Red-shouldered Hawk and Cooper’s Hawk. These birds both have rufous-barred underparts.


I’m not sure I’ve heard Cooper’s in the park this summer although they’ve nested upstream near my yard about 2 out of 3 years in the past.  Red-shouldered on the other hand has been a regular noisy resident and that’s what I’d bet on.

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August 23, 2014 at 5:55 AM

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