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A warmer nod to arithmetic

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Seventeen months ago today, in a post entitled “A warm nod to arithmetic,” I wrote the following:

I’m sure you noticed something curious in the last post: the equivalent (rounded to the nearest whole degree) of Thursday’s warm high temperature of 82°F was 28°C, a number consisting of the same two digits but in reverse order. Some of you must have rushed to Twitter and Facebook to tell all your friends, who must have been thrilled to hear it.

Ever alert math teachers would interrupt their classes with a question now: “Students, are there any other two-digit pairs of equivalent Fahrenheit ~ Celsius temperatures with reversed digits like that one?” What do you think, readers?

All of you who read that post were probably too overwhelmed with emotion by the equivalent pair of 82°F and 28°C to do any further looking, and no answer to my question was ever forthcoming (or ever forthcame, for that matter). As you’ve all been waiting with bated (not baited) breath and have long since turned blue, I’d better tell you the answer. Yes, there is another reversed-digits pair of Fahrenheit ~ Celsius temperatures that are equivalent (when rounded to the nearest whole degree): 61°F and 16°C. Now go give a shout-out and spread the news to everyone you know. Tell ’em Steve sent you.

You can also tell them that Steve sent you the photograph below so you wouldn’t feel bereft of a picture today. I hope arithmetic hasn’t made your head feel the way this Texas thistle head (Cirsium texanum) looks.

Texas Thistle Flower Head Decomposing 5161

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August 10, 2014 at 5:57 AM

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