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Texas bindweed flower

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Texas Bindweed Flower 2006

What’s not to like about a Texas bindweed flower, Convolvulus equitans? All right, so farmers don’t like this vine because it’s very good at twining itself around their crops and damaging them. That dislike makes sense but I, being no farmer, am free to enjoy these flowers, which are often about an inch across.

Today’s picture is from near Bluffstone Dr. in my northwest Austin neighborhood on June 10th. That was two months ago, but this species can be found flowering here for much of the year. As common a wildflower as it is, and as often as I see and photograph it, somehow today is only the third time in as many years that a Texas bindweed has appeared here. If you’d like to know what an opening bud looks like, you can check out a post from last summer.

In spite of its name, Texas bindweed grows in other states as well, something you can confirm on the USDA map.

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August 5, 2014 at 5:54 AM

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