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Sunflower and clouds

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Sunflower with Clouds 5889

Last year I reported on a property on the east side of US 183 adjacent to the Costco in my neighborhood. For a couple of years I took pictures* of nature there as the land slowly, oh so slowly, turned into a construction site and a Holiday Inn Express went up. Last December I managed to photograph a few remaining wild sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, before they were removed and some boring tame things got planted in their place. I assumed that was that, but over the first five months of 2014 a part of the lot in front of the new hotel remained unpaved. Starting last month, about half of that part is once again a construction site, but on the other portion some resilient wildflowers have sprung back up. Here you see a sunflower (complete with its usual disk flowers and ray flowers) after the rain on the still-cloudy morning of June 25th.


* If you’d like to see some of the plants and small critters that once lived on this site, you’re welcome to have a look back at a few:

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