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An intermediate and an interloper

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Thelesperma filifolium var. intermedium with Twining Interloper 9988

When I was at the “vacant” lot in Post, Texas, on April 17th, I saw some plants that looked a lot like the greenthread that’s so common in Austin, but that struck me as not quite the same. Whereas the species in Austin is Thelesperma filifolium var. filifolium, I believe the one I encountered in the Texas Panhandle is Thelesperma filifolium var. intermedium.

When I looked at an enlarged version of this photograph, I noticed something I hadn’t seen at the time I took the picture: part of another plant twining around one of the “prongs” of the greenthread bud and ending in a structure like the tip of a harpoon. That’s plants for you, they’re often climbing all over each other.

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May 17, 2014 at 5:57 AM

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