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Similar pastel colors, but from a different source

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New Yellow Stonecrop Plants 0998

Click for greater clarity and size.

When I was wandering in the western part of my neighborhood on February 13th I was pleased to see some Sedum nuttallianum that was coming up in several places. Here’s a look straight down at an emerging colony of that diminutive succulent, which in this early stage stays cropped close to the ground. Later the plants will get a little taller and produce small but bright yellow flowers, hence the common name yellow stonecrop.

To see the places in the south-central United States where yellow stonecrop grows, you can check the USDA’s state-clickable map. To learn a little about Thomas Nuttall, for whom Sedum nuttallianum is named, you can read the Wikipedia article about him.

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March 6, 2014 at 6:01 AM

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