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No mist, but ice on a mistflower

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Ice on Dry Ageratina havanensis Stalk 0692

Click for greater clarity.

On the cold morning of February 6th I found some ice on a dry stalk of the small mistflower plant, Ageratina havanensis, growing in my front yard.

The bubbles and patterns in the ice are intriguing, so if you’d like to look at them a little more closely, click the picture above. For a much closer look at the formation farthest to the right, click the icon below.

Ice on Dry Ageratina havanensis Stalk 0692A

And if you’d like a reminder of what one of these plants looks like when it’s fresh and flowering, you can click here.

It seems that French ice bubbles speak the same language as the ones in Texas, something you can confirm in the second photograph from a recent post at L’ancolie bleue (The blue columbine).

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February 24, 2014 at 6:03 AM

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