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Old rattan vines in winter

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Old Rattan Vines 0558

On the cold morning of January 24th, where you’ve already heard that a shallow carpet of ice pellets lay on the ground in some places, I went to Great Hills Park, where I photographed some thick rattan vines, Berchemia scandens. The sweet-potato color you see here is one typical hue of this woody species, the other being a dull green. Speaking of colors, this vine’s leaves can turn a pretty yellow-orange at the end of fall; I didn’t see any of that this past season, but you’re welcome to (re)visit a post from two years ago. And if you look carefully at today’s picture, in several places you can make out some strands of a different and slenderer vine, the aptly named greenbrier.

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February 23, 2014 at 6:03 AM

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