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Ouachita National Forest

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Fall Foliage in Ouachita National Forest 8931

On the way back to Austin from northwestern Arkansas we drove south along US 270 and then US 259 through parts of the Ouachita National Forest in far eastern Oklahoma.

[Switch to the present descriptive tense.] Shortly after I pull over into the wide roadside parking area another car does the same, and five people who seem to be from India get out and start taking pictures of each other. You know the drill: everybody minus one lines up side by side—never against the best background—and the photographer stands so far away from them that they’ll be insignificant in the pictures. Perpetually teacherish me calls out to them and points toward a place with more colorful leaves: “Over here, not over there.” I go on and take some more photos of my own, and I guess it looks like I know what I’m doing because soon the group comes up to me and one of the men holds out his point-and-shoot camera and asks if I’ll use it to take a picture of all of them. Sure, I say, taking the camera and sizing up the scene, and then they’re flabbergasted when I lie down on the ground nearby to get a good angle of them against the colorful leaves.

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December 7, 2013 at 5:55 AM

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