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Heeere’s color!

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Fall Foliage in Eureka Springs 8374

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Some of you live, as I did growing up in New York, in places where brilliant wide-scale fall foliage is the norm, but that’s not the case in Austin, where only a few species of trees and plants, some of them rather small, get reliably colorful when the weather turns cool. I’ve played those up in these pages for the last couple of late-autumns and will do so again in 2013. This November, though, was different from other recent ones because from November 7th through the 10th Eve and I took a long weekend—1300 round-trip miles over four days—to drive to northwest Arkansas. Fall foliage there when we arrived was a bit past its peak of color, and we were told that intervening winds had brought down some of the leaves, but plenty of individual trees and small groups of them were still bright, much to our delight. The group of trees shown here greeted us on a roadside near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on November 8th, a blue-sky day given over primarily to sightseeing in nature.

My sudden embarrassment of riches—dozens of good pictures showing fall foliage in Arkansas and later Oklahoma—presents me with a quandary. If I give you gorgeous fall foliage day after day, no matter how beautiful it is you may get tired of it. With that in mind, the plan for the next several weeks will be to start out with a few consecutive trip pictures, then continue with them but gradually weave in images from central Texas, some of which will also be colorful. I hope that the alternation of locations won’t come across as too schizophrenic, but we’ll see. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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November 21, 2013 at 6:01 AM

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