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A better look at poverty weed

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Poverty Weed Turning Fluffy 3647

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Last time, when you saw the flowering Blackland Prairie in northeast Austin, the poverty weed played a supporting role in the background. Now here’s a less neglectful look at Baccharis neglecta. The branches of this shrub or small tree are slender and rather weak, so they tend to bow under their own weight and to be easily blown about by the wind; even when fluffy poverty weed branches aren’t blowing, they often look like they are.

As with yesterday’s picture, the location was the land at the northwestern corner of McCallen Pass and E. Parmer Ln., but this time the date was October 22. Two years ago, from this same property, I showed a slender poverty weed strongly blown sideways by the wind.

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November 15, 2013 at 6:00 AM

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