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Duckweed and more

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Click for greater size and detail.

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Here’s a picture from October 17, 2012, a year and a day ago, on a foray into the northeast quadrant of US 183 and Mopac. What you’re seeing is the surface of a small pond. I think the little green platelets are duckweed, but I don’t know what the even smaller and more numerous red thingies are; if anyone does, please let us know.*

At this size it’s hard for you to tell that there are also at least five tiny insects in the picture. You can get a better look at a couple of them by clicking the icon below, which will bring up an enlargement of a part of the photograph that will also give you a closer view of the little red thingies.

Duckweed and Small Insects1494A

By the way, isn’t it interesting that this close downward look at a small body of water is so different from one that appeared in January?

For more information about duckweed, including a view of its minuscule flowers, check a post at Seeds Aside.

If you’re interested in photography as a craft, you’ll find that points 1 and 15 in About My Techniques are relevant to this photograph.


* Based on a couple of the comments, I’ll add that the red thingies seem to be Azolla caroliniana.

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October 18, 2013 at 6:02 AM

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