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Hamilton Pool

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Hamilton Pool Overhang with Falling Water 4299

A well-known scenic spot some 20 miles to the west of downtown Austin is Hamilton Pool. During the spring and summer this preserve can be crowded, and when I left there after my visit on August 19, at least a dozen cars were waiting in line to enter. (Parking spaces are limited, and once all of them are filled a new car is let in only after a space is vacated.)

Here you see a portion of the preserve’s most popular feature, a limestone overhang with a waterfall that maintains a permanent pool of water. In the current drought the waterfall is much reduced but still flowing, and the pool, as deep as ever, beckons to many a bather.

Following a recent pattern, the next few posts will be from this location.

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September 10, 2013 at 6:17 AM

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