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Yet another living remnant at a construction site

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Sunflower Flower Head 6567

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Long-time readers of this column may remember that in the summer of 2011 I began talking about a property on the east side of the US 183 freeway adjacent to a Costco and a Wendy’s in my neighborhood. The lot was being cleared in preparation for construction, but the razing took place so slowly that I could still visit from time to time and take pictures of plants and insects. Now, two years later, construction is well along on what seems to be a hotel, but at the margins of the property a few native plants have survived, including the remnants of a colony of sunflowers, Helianthus annuus. Once construction is finished I expect landscapers will come and tear out these last few native plants and replace them with Bermuda grass and petunias and other such tame things, but as of June 24th I could still enjoy the glorious wild sunflower you see here. (Although I posted a picture of a wonderful sunflower colony in May, this is the first close-up of a sunflower I’ve shown in 2013. What took me so long?)

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