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Reakirt’s blue butterfly on Desmanthus

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Reakirt's Blue Butterfly on Budding Desmanthus 8248

Click for greater clarity.

The little butterfly debuting here today is a Reakirt’s blue, Hemiargus (or Echinargus) isola, but the only blue you can see is that of Brushy Creek Lake in the background. The budding plant is a species of Desmanthus. The date was May 22.

I’d heard of the Reakirt’s blue butterfly but knew nothing about the 19th-century American it was named after. On the Internet I learned that Tryon Reakirt ended up fleeing the United States and dying—perhaps in Peru, perhaps elsewhere—in apparent distress and obscurity. You can read more in a document about him that seems to be the main source for the Wikipedia entry on Reakirt.

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June 20, 2013 at 6:26 AM

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