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The division created by a subdivision

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Wildflower Field by Subdivision 7882

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In these pages I rarely let human elements intrude on nature, but that’s the whole point of today’s picture. Here you see a sight that has become common in central Texas over the past few decades: a subdivision adjacent to a field that still looks the way the land under the subdivision* had looked until a short time before. I encountered this scene on May 17th in Leander, a rapidly growing suburb north of Austin. Notice how the fence prevents most of the residents from even seeing the field of wildflowers that is the natural heritage of this region. The field’s location along an increasingly busy road dooms it to get covered before long, most likely with stores or houses or apartments. The people who inhabit those buildings in decades to come will probably never know that the land used to look the way you see it here.


* July 4th of 2011, one month into this blog, was the only other time I showed a subdivision.

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May 27, 2013 at 6:12 AM

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