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Tumbling flower beetle

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Tumbling Flower Beetle on Huisache Daisy 6606

Click for greater clarity.

In a picture posted a couple of weeks ago showing a few Texas yellow stars in a colony of bluebonnets, two small insects were barely discernible on one of the Texas yellow stars. Here’s a closer look at an insect of that kind, known as a tumbling flower beetle or pintail beetle (the picture explains the second name). Entomologists put these insects in the family Mordellidae.

As for the flower head, it’s a huisache daisy, Amblyolepis setigera, a species making its debut here. In the United States the huisache daisy grows only in Texas; it is also at home in parts of Mexico.

Date: April 7.  Place: Commons Ford Park in far southwest Austin.

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May 6, 2013 at 6:20 AM

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