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Crenels and merlons, yet no struggle other than to take a good picture of their botanical analogues

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Tetraneuris scaposa Bud Beginning to Open 9319

Crenels and merlons of the military sort are largely extinct, but four-nerve daisy buds produce their own kind naturally and, because the two Tetraneuris species here* are quite common, in great numbers. So, though not felled in combat, I lay on the ground, where I could find a good angle to photograph this vivid bud in the early stages of opening into a flower head. Add this picture of a fuzzy little wildflower to the others you’ve recently seen from my visit to the front yard of native plant lovers Dale and Pat Bulla in northwest Austin on February 24th.


* This photograph happens to show Tetraneuris scaposa; T. linearifolia has similar buds but somewhat different leaves.

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March 10, 2013 at 6:20 AM

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